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Earning Badges

Weekly BadgesSuccess in the Community Course relies on earning at least four badges – one badge each week. The learning activities are listed in the Course Commons, and they detail what participants need to accomplish each week in order to earn a badge.

Here is an overview of what participants need to accomplish each week in order to earn badges, and succeed in the Community Course:

Review the weekly overview and explore associated resources in the Course Commons. Each weekly overview lists the learning activities for the week.

Access their assigned Study Group in Sakai, and post to the weekly forum.

During weeks 2, 3, and 4, access their assigned Study Group in Sakai, and post to the Effective Practice Compendium for that week.

At the end of each week, when all associated learning activities have been completed, the Study Group Leaders will issue the appropriate badge so that participants can highlight their achievements. At this time, I am working with the Mozilla Open Badges team to formulate a proposal to develop a full badging system for our faculty development initiatives at APUS. Until then, we will be issuing badges as image files for participants to download. Note that the badges displayed here are black and white simplified versions of the badges that participants will earn.

Here are the badges for the CoI Teaching Excellence Community Course:

  • Week 1, CoI Intro: CoI Explorer Badge
  • Week 2, Social Presence: Community Facilitator
  • Week 3, Teaching Presence: Learning Guide
  • Week 4, Cognitive Presence: Thought Engineer

In addition to the weekly badges, participants can earn an additional badge for contributing to the Community Course Social Media sites.

The Content Collaborator Badge will highlight contributions to the course content, through participation in the Social Media components of the course. To earn the badge, participants need to post at least three times to the Social Media sites each week. That can include posts to the CTL Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, or their own blogs.

At the end of the Community Course, and after participants have earned all four badges and completed the end-of-course survey, the CTL will issue the CoI Teaching Excellence Scholar badge, which we encourage our faculty to display in their email signatures.

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