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November 6, 2012

Our first cohort completed the CoI Teaching Excellence Community Course in early October, and we have already launched Cohort 2. It has been an exciting adventure keeping up with the logistics behind the Community Course, and we learned so much from our first round. Cohort 2 is running much more smoothly, and I find that I now have a bit of extra time to gather my thoughts.

The Community Course approach has been a success for our faculty. The level of engagement and dialogue in the Study Groups was outstanding, and our faculty were thrilled to interact with each other across disciplines. Our participants engaged with the content (and each other!) and now have a much clearer understanding of the CoI framework, and how to integrate CoI effective practices in to their teaching at APUS.

For three out of the five weeks in Cohort 1, participants in the CoI Teaching Excellence Community Course contributed to an effective practice compendium on one of the CoI presences (social, teaching, and cognitive). The purpose of this learning activity was to get folks to share, and to begin the development of a community generated effective practice knowledge base. We now have so much data!

Our team has just begun working with the APUS Institutional Research and Data team to explore this data and to find the best way to review and share what we have. Along with this data, we have pre and post-course survey data to review. The research possibilities are endless, and the CTL welcomes recommendations for the review and exploration of our data!


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