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September 18, 2012

We are well into Week 3 of the APUS Community Course, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity across the board. With all of the activity, I’ve neglected posting here!

Updates of significance:

Over 50 participants have earned the Content Contributor badge in the course by contributing to the course social media sites! There have been quite a few participants who wrote back after I sent their badges, letting me know that they felt honored to be a part of this initiative. That was great to hear! The general feedback on the course structure, content, and activities has been excellent, and will enable us to make the course even better for our second cohort which will start in early October.

Our guest speaker series has been a hit, with an opening review of the CoI framework the first week, and Alexandra Pickett from the SUNY Learning Network the second. Alex wowed everyone with the tools and approaches she uses! While some folks were overwhelmed by the array of tools/technologies/methods, everyone gleaned a bit of practical advice on how to establish social presence in the online classroom.

With last week’s focus on social presence, it was exciting to watch the conversations unfold, and the communities interact. The conversations on LinkedIn are going strong, with effective practices being shared there as well as within the Sakai Study Groups Effective Practice Compendium. The social media outlets are providing a place for more crossover conversation, which is exactly what was hoped for. Faculty participants are getting to know each other, and enjoying the exchange!

The Study Group Leaders are my heroes. Each of them has taken on the responsibility of managing their “seminar” spaces, and all have done a stellar job of communicating with the participants and keeping the conversations on topic.

Week 1 badges have been distributed, and participants are adding them to email signatures, blogs, etc. The excitement about the Community Course badges gives me much hope for a full badge initiative to be implemented in 2013 for our faculty development initiatives at the Center for Teaching and Learning!

On with Week 3, and learning about Teaching Presence!


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