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Study Group Leaders

August 29, 2012

The Study Group Leaders are gearing up for next week’s launch of the CoI Teaching Excellence Community Course. I have created a full guide for their reference, including a task outline, task specifics, and a weekly checklist to follow.

The Study Group Leaders have joined the CTL Community Course team and are just as excited as I am to see this endeavor take flight (you can expect a few aviation references along the way!). Each of the Study Group Leaders will be responsible for facilitating the discussion forum learning activities, and monitoring the effective practice compendium areas.

We’ve created 25 Study Group sites in Sakai and will register our faculty Community Course participants across the group sites). I have taken a peek into some of the Study Group sites already, and am thrilled at how the Study Group Leaders have already applied personal touches to the pre-populated announcement areas. Great work all around!

We’ve also invited a team from Institutional Research to participate in our Community Course. They work with the CoI research data, and can benefit from experiencing what the faculty will be going through as they learn more about applied CoI effective practices. The data team has a Study Group cohort of their own, with forum questions related to how the content applies to the work that they’re doing.

Study Group Leader badgeAll of the Study Group Leaders have the option of displaying the Study Group Leader badge on their email signatures, blogs, etc. The Multimedia Team at APUS designed all of the badges for the Community Course, and as the course progresses, I’ll highlight the badges here. You can read more about our approach to the badge system in the Earning Badges section of this blog.



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